Demonstrators Demonstrators

The list of demonstrator and tools which I develop during the thesis are the following:

  1. STEP Mapper: a tool written in perl allowing to transform an EXPRESS Schema and a Part 21 file in an OWL ontology, and to transform an EXPRESS schema in annotated UML in order to use it for automated generation of application using AndroMDA
  2. Networked Collaborative Product Development Platform: demonstrator for ATHENA program
  3. Standard assessment platform for the SEINE project
  4. AP214 ontology in OWL, manually produced, with set of language to language rules completed by complementary rules related to the semantic of the AP214 schema itself.
  5. OpenDevFactory components: library of UML profile produced through transformation of existing models
  6. CRESCENDO cPlatform is the combination of virtual machines with platforms constituting a set of Enterprise Collaboration capabilities: Enteprise Portal, Enterprise Service Bus, data transportation/transformation/federation services, etc
  7. PLM Interop is an open source project on Source Forge, developed with students within Engineers schools such as ITIN, and aiming to support their cursus.