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Welcome to cPlatform, the experimental digital collaboration platform

This portal is an experimental environment supporting standardization and research activities within CRESCENDO project, for Enterprise Collaboration implying digital product development within virtual and networked organization. It includes:

ePLM standardsResearch on Digital Collaboration

Information and ressources on relevant ePLM standards to support current challenges of enterprises.

  • ISO STEP Standards for Product Data Exchange, Sharing and Long Term Retention 
  • ISO 15926
  • OMG PLM Services
  • System Engineering standards
  • Simulation standards
  • Interoperability and collaboration frameworks
  • Tutorials, Training material
  • Frameworks for interoperability

CRESCENDO partners shared workspaces and resources

  • for CRESCENDO testing and piloting activities related to Enterprise Collaboration
  • for standardization actors and stakeholders, in particular for exention of existing relevant standards to support multi-discipline simulation
  • Shared information with dynamic tagging



Combination of collaborative components and services online

  • Secured Multi-communities Portal
  • Data transformation and quality checking
  • Data Integration
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Services implementation and aggregation (through application server(s)
  • Knowledge and models repositories
  • Various engines ...


Networked Enterprises Collaborative Platform Networked Enterprises Collaborative Platform


This portal presents the advanced Networked Enterprise Collaboration Platform, proposed by EADS Innovation Works within Crescendo  European Research Program, within the Sub Project "Enterprise Collaboration".

While CRESCENDO deals with Collaborative & Robust Engineering using SImulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation, the Enterprise Collaboration focus is on capabilties supporting cross-organizational collaboration within the enterprise. This portal deals with advanced collaborative platforms concept, enhancing eBusiness PLM interoperabilty and collaborative product development within extended and virtual enterprise. It is based on the exploitation of previous research programs such as RISESTEP, SAVE or ATHENA, dealing with Collaborative Product Development within extended and networked virtual enterprises.

Within Crescendo, the results are extended in order to cover simulation for disciplines other than the mechanical design, within the context of the Mastered Behavioral Digital Aircraft.

Note that the whole content of this site is not released and will evolve all along the life of CRESCENDO , till the end of the research program.

What the cPlatform is

  • an experimental platform allowing to assess
    • eBusiness and eBusiness standards related to Secured Collaborative Product Development within extended enterprise, virtual enterprise and ecosystems
    • software component and products implementing interfaces for these standards
    • collaboration processes based on operational usage of these standards and related capabilities
  • a set of capabilities (as deployed and ready to use resources) for secured eBusiness collaboration supporting collaborative product development within netwoked organisation, delivering horizontal services allowing:
    • deployed operational front-office applications agregation and federation
    • deployed operational back-office applications agregation, federation or integration
    • date exchange, sharing and agregation services - with planned inclusion of data transformation and data quality checking
    • fast and model based enactment of cross-organizational collaborative processes
  • a flexible, agile and extensible components based environment
    • relying on mature eBusiness Standards
    • agregating commodities of the Web (Open source free components of industrial quality relying mainly on implementation of mature open standards)
  • a low cost demonstration and testbed environment for research activities which takes advantage of
    • research results related to interoperability of Enterprise Application
      • combined usage of Model Driven Engineering (based on MDA), semantic web technologies and SOA execution platform available as commodities on the web
      • Systematic usage of open standards and commodities on the web
    • Current practices and constraints related to PLM, eBusiness Security, etc within Aerospace and Defense community
  • A showroom and a demonstrator related to eBusiness standards and eBusiness Collaborative Product Development standards
    • dedicated to be shared with the research community dealing with interoperability within networked organizations
    • referencing  numerous public results of research projects related to interoperability
    • supporting standardization governance groups such as ASD SSG
  • A testbed environment
    • allowing to specify and validate implementation of  software products  according standards
    • allowing to produce test data sets and test procedures
    • allowing to validate specifications and their accuracy according business processes and use cases, through fast prototyping generation at low cost
  • A tesbed environement taking advantage of emerging technologie and allowing to assess them within a representative environment
    • enterprise portal technologies and standards
    • security related technologies for SSO, federation of identity, etc
    • Cloud computing with virtualisation of different kind of resources such as physical machines, virtual machines, applications, services, etc
    • WEB 2.0 (Social Networking applied to collaborative product design) and Semantic Web technologies (agregation of engineering resources distributed on an intranet, extranet or on the Web)


What the cPlatform is not

  • A commercial product
    • EADS IW mission is not to develop any commercial product that can be used in operation. The goal here is to allow the community to build relevant standards and best practices in order to support collaborative product development within networked organisation
    • a platform providing simulation capabilities - such capabilities are provided by applications deployed inside the companies, which can then be federated a secured way through platforms similar to cPlatform, enacted and operated by industrial partners or dedicated operator
  • Set of software demonstrator developed by IW
    • the environment result form the deployement, agregation and tuning of selected commodities on the WEB, which can be interchanged with commercial software products or already deployed applications (legacy systems) relying on the same standardsO

Potential usage within Crescendo

  • Already deployed and WEB enacted hardware environement (machine) or software environment (application server, enterprise portal) where some other BDA capabilities can be deployed or federated a transparent way
  • Place were to validate, at business and discipline  levels,  some requirements and specification of BDA services through fast prototyping, with creation of test procedures and test data set, in parallell with development of these services by software providers.
  • Way to specify BDA model of reference, which can be the basis of creation of new standards - the platform will then contain an implementation of reference for any further implementor forum - and wil be industry driven (not software provider driven)

Guided visit of the platform

  • Current and planned architectures of the enacted capabilities
  • How to take advantage of them
    • services that EADS IW can provide
    • what can be easily delegated to the other partners in order to avoid any bottleneck
    • different kind of agregation
      • content
      • applications
  • Redundancy with other capabilities - how to deal with them
  • What it can bring to software providers
    • experimentation and agregation of emerging standards in order to propose software product well integrated on a component based market
    • better response to industry needs in terms of interoperability and support of collabative product development within a continuously evolving eBusiness environment